Fashion revolution week NZ | NZ fashion designer

Fashion Revolution Week and the new ways we are helping.

Fashion revolution week NZ | NZ fashion designer

Fashion Revolution week New Zealand (19-25 April )

This week is Fashion Revolution week

Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for a fair fashion industry and cleaner planet 🌎

It’s also about the transparency of brands and what they are doing to minimize harm to our planet and workers...

It’s a great time for us to tell you what we are doing in these areas.

For an in-depth look at our brand transparency, head to our website and in the menu you will find our transparency report.

One of the main projects we are launching this week is ‘New Life Artstori ‘ which directs the customer to buy and sell our brand secondhand.

We support the resale of Artstori clothing to protect the environment.

This is run though our friends at The Trading Rack. We will be trialing this initiative, but I’m really excited about it.

Another service we offer is our free mending service for Artstori garments forever. Details are on our website.

We use composting packaging, labels and paper tags and strive to minimize waste by using a CAD system for our markers. If there is any waste it is sent off to local businesses to be re-used.

Our garments are all made locally from a body of talented individuals who know me so well. It’s great to have them close as we are able to together discuss each garment in depth while sampling and planning.

It’s also great that we all work from home lowering our carbon footprint 👣

While there are no fabric mills operating in New Zealand we are required to get our fabric off shore. We do this through fabric agents here in New Zealand and in China using sea freight to get it here.

In an endeavor for a more environmentally friendly approach we are looking at our fabric choices for 2022.

We list on our description of each garment on the website where it was cut, made and the origin of the fabric.

A percentage of our sales each month goes to World Vision where we support a child from Lipiri in Malawi.

Recently we became a member of Mindful Fashion, a collective of leading New Zealand designers, textile and trim suppliers, and manufacturers who believe in a future for the New Zealand clothing and textile industry that is inclusive, sustainable and successful.

We are aware as fashion designers we have a footprint, we just want it to be as small as possible.

Little by little, stitch by stitch.

Much love

Amy x




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