Mending our clothes is something that has gone out of fashion in recent years as more and more people support fast fashion.

In the fast fashion model consumers do not attach any emotion or value to a fashion item and feel it is disposable.

In a move for a more sustainable Artstori we are rolling out a free mending service for your Artstori garments.

We guarantee our workmanship and want you to continue wearing your Artstori garments for years to come.

We want for our Artstori garments to stay out of ever increasing landfills and so repairing/ mending our clothes is incredibly important.

This very action could have the most significant impact on the fast fashion model.

The trend towards sustainable fashion is only in its infancy, but if we all play a part our baby steps will turn into giant leaps  🌎

I think fashion brands should be obliged to help you repair what you wear, we have actually always done this for our clients, but I have never advertised it.

So if your zip is not working or you have a tear or a stitch missing,

We will repair it for you. For free


If you have bought your garment from Artstori in the past 5 years we will repair it for free.

please return washed garment and include a NZ post pre paid self addressed bag to.

Artstori Ltd 

378 Gluepot rd 

oropi RD 3 



please forward any questions to 

or contact us using the contact us form on website.