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Windy speed-date to The Naki

So I’m writing this blog post because I finally got to New Plymouth yesterday, seems ridiculous I have never been before but it’s really not on the way to anything from here but has been on my to do list for way too long. Interesting  that on a fine day you can clearly see the tip of Mt Taranaki from the top of Mt Ruapehu, yet it is so far away.  I have been to most places in NZ and now can add this wonderful place :-)  This is probably not how most people explore the country, but I have always been one to do things differently .. We actually fitted this all in to a one night stay. My...

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Ruapehu Vs My actual job

I have been reminded this week how lucky I am that my job as a fashion designer is fairly easy to do out of town. Apart from the wrapping of online sales which I was reluctant to pass on....  My 3 sons sport of snowboarding requires me to travel to the gorgeous snowy giant Mt Ruapehu more than most people would do it. 3 sons to be fair, is a pretty stressful situation when they are small... When they were one three and four years old it was fairly challenging and I am not quite sure how I survived such craziness, but now I have three teenagers, most of the time they are my buddies. Snowboarding is not a team...

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