Our Brand Name

Artstori translated means Art-Story, the story of our art.



As we do not have any fabric mills left in New Zealand, we are required to source our textiles offshore. We use fabric agents in New Zealand who source some of the best fabrics for us and we also use an agent in China.



We use sea freight rather than air shipping to get our fabrics to New Zealand.  We use Courier It to ship our goods around NZ.



We design locally at our rural property located in Tauranga, New Zealand.

We design and make small runs to ensure exclusivity and are in support of a seasonless wardrobe.


Pattern Making

We use a pattern maker in Waikato, New Zealand, who creates our patterns digitally so as not to waste card and paper, we also use markers and a CAD system to minimize fabric wastage. 



We pride ourselves with being New Zealand made. There are many positive impacts associated with local manufacturing, including lowered carbon footprint, high quality workplace health and safety management, and providing jobs and income to our local economy. 

Our garments are ALL made locally, by a body of talented individuals I would like to call friends, we have a highly skilled local cutter who has been in the industry for 30+ years.

We all work from home reducing our carbon footprint.

Its great for me to have them local as we can together discuss each garment's construction in depth whilst we are sampling.



We send all our scraps and offcuts to small companies to use, who support our values in sustainability. The creation of new products saves them from landfill.



We include in our website listings where each garment was cut, made, and the origin of the fabric.


Free mending service forever

As we move to be a more sustainable Artstori we have rolled out a free mending service for your garments forever. We guarantee our workmanship and want you to continue wearing your Artstori garments for years to come. This is our way of keeping our garments out of landfills.



We use recyclable compostable packaging to send our garments, you may fill them with kitchen scraps and put them straight in your vegetable garden.


Mindful Fashion member

Recently we have become a member of Mindful Fashion, a collective of leading New Zealand designers, textile and trim suppliers, and manufactures who believe in a future for the New Zealand clothing and textile industry that is inclusive, sustainable and successful. You can find them at www.mindfulfashion.co.nz


Our Future

Our goals for the future are to sustain a clothing brand we are proud of, supply excellent customer service, listen to our planet and little by little reduce our footprint.


Our Support

A percentage of our sales each month goes to World Vision, where we support a child from Lipiri, Malawi.


Your Input

We welcome suggestions on our brand and ethos, as we love to get feedback from our customers.