Windy speed-date to The Naki

So I’m writing this blog post because I finally got to New Plymouth yesterday, seems ridiculous I have never been before but it’s really not on the way to anything from here but has been on my to do list for way too long.

Interesting  that on a fine day you can clearly see the tip of Mt Taranaki from the top of Mt Ruapehu, yet it is so far away. 

I have been to most places in NZ and now can add this wonderful place :-) 

This is probably not how most people explore the country, but I have always been one to do things differently .. We actually fitted this all in to a one night stay.

My husband and I had been meaning to have a night away from our three teenagers for a while and instead of doing the usual Auckland or Wellington I wanted to go somewhere new ... no time for Spain this week so off to the Naki we went.

I loved everything about it .. we packed a lot in to the limited time ..  The three sisters rock formation, gorgeous tapas lunch, west end precinct, town clock, wind wand, that big rock by the port, the cathedral, dinner at TWO restaurants because I’m a total foodie and couldn’t pick so we went to both, have to say though the Hour Glass was out of this world AMAZING so much so we went back for lunch but it was closed.

A perfect buffet breakfast (a buffet is not something I would normally go to for dinner, but for breakfast it is my most favorite thing and I stay for ages!) at our fabulous hotel which I won’t name as they had soo much cool stuff to take from the room I might have taken most of it 😂 ( just like the little wee toothbrush and the little wee shoe shine etc .. I just always think those things come in so handy in your handbag )  We followed this by a bike ride along the esplanade back to the wind wand this was a highlight as I haven’t been on a bike for so many years and never with my husband .. you never forget how to ride a bike..

We then drove to Inglwood for coffee as my Nana was born there more than 100 years ago and I wanted to see it, We decided to carry on to Stratford for coffee, dumb idea, as there wasn’t any good coffee there and that’s when the idea came about to go to visit my lovely stockist in Hawera and go right the way around Mt Taranaki, a visit to a light house, back to New Plymouth for lunch and then to Cambridge for dinner and home tonight to a house still in one piece, with three teenagers still alive.

Its really cool to change it up and do different things.  And it’s amazing what you can fit in to one day if you make a plan and just get shit done !

So much cool stuff coming this month for Artstori.

Amy xx 







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