Ruapehu Vs My actual job

I have been reminded this week how lucky I am that my job as a fashion designer is fairly easy to do out of town. Apart from the wrapping of online sales which I was reluctant to pass on.... 

My 3 sons sport of snowboarding requires me to travel to the gorgeous snowy giant Mt Ruapehu more than most people would do it.

3 sons to be fair, is a pretty stressful situation when they are small... When they were one three and four years old it was fairly challenging and I am not quite sure how I survived such craziness, but now I have three teenagers, most of the time they are my buddies. Snowboarding is not a team sport as such, but it really does require a lot of team work within the family...we got through the "How long till we get there? ", lost mittens, cant find my season pass, my hands are cold, stop bashing into me !, Mum my board slid off the mountain and is gone (actually)  Mum... my board just fell off the chair lift, mum I nearly fell off the chair lift, a helicopter ride off the mountain to Wanganui hospital, a broken collar bone, a dislocation, a broken humorous, a pin, a severed tendon... and we still do it !!! why?

Because the happiness in there eyes when they are on that snowy mountain makes it all worthwhile....

Doing a sport WITH your children is irreplaceable.

And I know why they love it, the central plateau is exceptionally stunning.

Exciting week ahead as we have lots of new items being listed and in stores.

Amy x 



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